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The American middle class, long the most affluent in the world, has lost that distinction.

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Billionaire, the term is familiar with almost everybody on this planet and.

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The vast and growing gap between rich and poor has been laid bare in a new Oxfam report showing that the 62 richest billionaires own as much wealth as the poorer half.Meet The Richest Person From Every Major Country In The World. Max. Many billionaires have held the title of richest in their country for a number.The richest people in the world. Country of citizenship: Hong.We have the largest economy and the largest number of millionaires and billionaires.Find several Top 10 lists ranking the Richest, highest, biggest, fastest, cheapest - people, places and things in the world.

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Three lists of countries below calculate gross domestic product (at purchasing power parity) per capita, i.e., the purchasing power parity (PPP) value of all final.Below you will find a dynamically updated, real time listing of the 100 richest people in the world today.

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The richest person in all 50 states - Oct. 15, 2014

A new report finds America is the richest country, but has the biggest wealth inequality.

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

It was a record year for the richest people on earth, as the number of billionaires jumped 13% to 2,043 from 1,810 last year, the first time ever that Forbes has.

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Various countries are having the good economies and superior lifestyles, but there are also hundreds of people who are.

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Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world's population

A list of the 13 richest populated nations, countries, kingdoms and principalities on the planet in 2016.Top 10 richest countries of the world. by Roman on May 23, 2008. Where are your 4 richest people.

Here is the list of top 10 richest people in the world that are.

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How to determine how rich is a country and compare it with the others.

As the march of globalisation continues, the number of very rich people all over the world is increasing.US News ranks the countries with the richest traditions and cultural heritages.Wealthiest European countries, 25 Richest Countries in Europe listed with their latest income (GDP per Capita), updated in 2016.

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While some are on the decline, others are attractive destinations for expats and digital nomads alike.This graph shows a ranking of the 25 richest people in China as of 2016.